2 Weeks Of Onetap | My Opinion!


Ragebot: 10/10
The part that I think is cooler onetap, I have been a hvh player for 2 years and really this cheat met my needs! 😍

AA: 9/10
Could be better, more loved!

Visuals/Player: 10/10
Really loved the "visuals" of this cheat, very beautiful! 😍

Legitbot: ?/10
I do not know my note for this part of the cheat, I'm not much of a legit player!

Skin Changer: 7/10
It could be better, it did not please me very much because there are several things missing! πŸ™

Misc: 10/10
Perfect, in my opinion, this part is legal!

About the Staff:
Fast to answer and question people, really loved the way they treat their customers, the cheat community and well laid back this surprised me!

Recommend the cheat?
But of course! ;)

Sorry if you find any errors in my English, I'm terrible! πŸ˜†