First month


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Legit - Legit is a 6/10. It has some ups and downs but I think it needs more legitness it is pretty obv but the update helped it a lot.
Rage - Ill give the rage a solid 9/10 resolver is p taps 90% of aa's but can be random sometimes IMO. It is very customizable can be for both passive and aggressive playstyles
Anti-Aim - 9/10 I know it, you know it, we all know it. Onetap Easily has the best slow walk. What can I say it's unhittable :| The aa customizability is lacking though. There are only 3 settings and I think there should be more. Other than that the aa is p2000.
Visuals - Ill give it a 7/10 they are good don't get me wrong but there is one thing that I dislike about them. you cant turn off pulsing chams. I know this has been recommended MANY times by a lot of people but it really needs an option to make them not pulse.
Misc - 8/10 Has good unique options but I would like to see some kind of anti-kick or Lua support.

Overall this cheats gets an 8.5/10 it has ups on some spots but down in others I would recommend this overall.