Hawk's review of onetap.su [REG. 30 DEC]


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LEGIT: 10 / 10

The hack has a pretty good Legit bot features, nothing more to say on that. I like it

RAGE BOT: 10 / 10

in my opinion, the hack is very good. its a perfectly based cheat. its very good and premium to be PUBLIC. Ive had the hack before it went public. And most of the stuff is the same. The hack has everything you need to hvh
And i personally am a bipolar hvh'er, if that makes sense. But overall the hack is insane to be in the state it is. Ive bought monthly sub since i got it. And that gotta mean something xD.
But i dont need to request anything from the rage tab i dig it.

ANTI - AIM: 8 / 10

The anti aim tab is good as it is. But i would like to see more anti aim options. Such as better jitter settings and more small details features. But overall, it works fine for me atm. Nothing more i can say here.

VISUAL: 10 / 10

The hack has all the esp / visual features you would need in a hack. I dont need to see anything more added to this. The hack has every visual feature you need.

MISC: 10 /10

Here has ALOT of features i have not seen in other PUBLIC cheats. the hack has literally all it needs. dont need to see anything added to here.

FORUM: 10 / 10

Just a regular forum with good help and support. Good view and "Forum Topic / description" on the tabs.

STAFF TEAM: 10 / 10

The staff on this forum is very active and supportive! a support ticket do NOT take longer then 2 hours. Really great on the staff choices!

MY THOUGHTS : 10 / 10

this hack is literally my # 1 TO GO. hack, im just a very bipolar player. so i do complaine on shit thats working fine. but just ignore that. I would 100% recommend people to purchase this cheat to use. both in MM and HvH! but then i would also recommend to head over to "selly.gg/@Maarud" beste configs! ;)

But for real. onetap.su is in my opinion the best hack, and has the best staff team support!

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if they update legit bot and make it beter and add luas and add lifetime i will never ever even think about another cheat ever
they don't really need to add lua support since the cheat can already perform well enough w/o it.