HvH Wingman tournament sponsorship

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey everyone,

With the growing interest in 2v2s in the community, we've decided to sponsor a wingman tournament hosted by GameTime. This is a North American tournament, so all servers are hosted in North America, more specifically, Chicago. However, all regions may participate and are eligible.

Registration is easy and simple. Simply visit the website here, click on "Register" and follow the registration process.

You must join the official Discord after registering, or your team may be denied.

The tournament will take place on Saturday, August 3rd, at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Prizes include:

Two months subscription to both players of the winning team. If one of the winners is an already banned user, their prize will be stacked with their teammates.

Good luck to everyone that is going to participate.

For any questions/concerns please message @falcon on the forums.


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ez win thanks for informing me so now i can win some extra sub again,
GaZe PingaBuzeinG > all wingman teams
yonen x overlord
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