Kate's Resell Service | Buy onetap with PayPal, Steam Skins/Wallet, Venmo, Cashapp, many more! | Buy Multiple Months at a time!


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Kate's Resale Service
Please read ALL here

In a hurry? Scroll to the bottom I recommend you read everything first but I know you won’t.
About: Hello! Welcome to my resale service. I am quick and easy and know how to do this within minutes. Will take up to 30 minutes after payment has gone through (per onetap, not me).
I have done 450+ resales and if you were sold to, please +rep after. I am very friendly, just don’t spam or beg. Feel free to ask questions!
My prices are now accepted in euros! Goods and services or friends and family!

(All for 30 days)
Cash App - $27 USD

Paypal - $27 USD / 25€
Venmo - $27 USD / 25€
Steam Skins - €40 Euros
Steam Wallet - €40 Euros

Accepting certain gift cards - $50 (dm me on discord for qualifying ones).
PaySafeCard - 40
Skrill - 40€
I’ll take g2a gift cards for €35 so any payment methods they allow I accept to

For 3 months (90 days) and 6 months (180 days):

3 months: 70€
6 months: 130€

Note: I will not accept anything under these prices!

Activity / Stock: I am VERY active, I’m on most hours of the day and will respond almost immediately, if I don’t make a ticket and one of my admins will assist you in sending the payment. (Check #faq on discord for my hours)
Also I’m using a new “system” where I will put available / unavailable on my name.

I currently buy subs in bulk so I can always assure you will receive your subscription! I buy 100 subscriptions at a time so I should always have stock

Discord: Kate#6969 (Capital K)
Send me a dm, if you need help and I’m busy I’ll ask for you to make a ticket

I am now allowing all customers of my resale service to buy my config half off with their purchase to get you started! It’s $10 normally but only $5 extra!

Also you get my support through the entire purchase, if it doesn’t go through I’ll take care of it for you!

How it works:
Basically, you send the money following the correct order procedures (found in #resale-info), then once I received your payment and verify it I will purchase your sub and send you a confirmation link for the sub. After you send your money, you just wait! Typically takes about 30 minutes!

Fastest response is to: MAKE A TICKET IN MY DISCORD BELOW USING !?new (ticketname) and I will respond ASAP!
First join discord.gg/hjCNxSf

After you join go to #resale-info
Please, just read the information there!

The exact info is on my discord in #resale-info and before you ask any further questions check #faq

All my info is on discord. Please read it all!

TOS / Rules:
Do not charge back.
Do not use stolen money.
Do not use a stolen PayPal.
Do not waste my time.

Note: these are subject to change at anytime!

Fast method: PayPal.me/kateawpton - 25 euros / $27 USD - make sure you include your profile link and discord tag in the paypal note. I WILL NOT buy your sub if you cannot do all of this correctly.
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