OneTap is very good, 1tap EZ (small problem)


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It's missing:
- FOV for ragebot settings.
- Antiaim legit aa for legitbot
- Fakeduck not working in matchmaking valve.
- Full Custom angles for antiaim with desync (exemple: forward, left, right, custom, on yaw).
- Add pitch settings in RageBot (anti-untrustred: on) settings.
- Problem with autoaccept, dont accept or crash game sometimes.
- Missing Resolver in LegitBot.
- Missing Autowall Off/On in RageBot.

Thank you,
Very good software.
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and the fake duck works? config issue maybe turn off exploits or put the exploit disable key as your fake duck key


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Legit aa is already in legitbot*
Fakeduck does work, check if your exploits are on or not, if yes then just put your fakeduck key as the same key for disable exploit hotkey
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Possible to use resolver in legitbot (because fake aa dont resolve in legit config). and add checkbox for disable autowall in ragebot.