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Wow, i'm happy to hear the results, i am very thankful for that i had a great reason to spend a bit more time on making an edit. This contest seemed awesome and a great opportunity for me to show what i can do, i'm definitely not the most experienced editor but i really enjoyed editing it! I really did not expect myself getting the 3rd place with only 6 months of editing experience but i'm proud of the results and i really liked many other edits i saw too, checked out fews. :cool:💜


Greetings community!

We're here to announce contest winners, reward people who put effort, and for competing with others and, give you some constructive criticism. :)

Needless to say, picking a winner is a tough decision here, and I'll do my best to make this fair and enjoyable for everyone.

We originally planned to have 3 winners, but since we had quite a lot of submissions, that's going to change and we'll give out small rewards for those who had a good edit but didn't win.


Since @dru refused to take his CS:GO subscription in the duration of 6 months, the reward will be transferred to the second place, and reward from the second place will be transferred to third place, meaning we will also have the fourth place.
Honorable mentions:

List of people whose edit is unique, clean or creative and they will be rewarded with CS:GO subscription in the duration of 1 month.

And for the end, we gathered a list of people that will be rewarded with CS:GO subscription in the duration of 1 week, for their effort.
For everyone mentioned below, please re-watch your videos. You either ruined it with too strong color correction or overused some effects. Take this as constructive criticism and learn from your mistakes. :)

I'd like to say thank you to everyone that participated in this event, and I hope you had fun (because that's what's most important) competing with each other.

Additionally, I'm glad to announce that we will be adding permanent community events (meaning they're always happening and rewards will be given out weekly/monthly), but more on that later, so stay tuned!

Kind regards,
onetap.su team
honestly kinda mind boggled on how i didnt even at least get 3rd place. im not tryna be rude but, everyone except first place werent even edits. this is an EDITING contest. not a hvh highlight vid, which were all of those vids except first place. everyone but the 1st place didnt have sync, cc, effects, etc. meanwhile i had only a hour to edit my vid and felt that it deserves a 3rd and 2nd place spot granted the vid wasnt very long but for only a hour of editing i think its still better than 2nd and 3rd place considering they arent even edits at all in my opinion. just normal hvh highlights, music in the background, clips chopped up, etc. As where mine, it had sync, p/c, shake, cc, and sfx. again not trying to sound rude or be a poor sport but i thought this was an EDITING contest.
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