Onetap Best Public Cheat


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i dont know about you guys But onetap is hitting P for me yesterday i got some super score i dont care about this cracked History since thats the most Horrible thing u can do to A company for my opinion All the staf here are Great And Cool

so lets start With My review after 3 months use

Ragebot *10-10*
AntiAim *9-10* still needs some Updates
Visuals *10-10* since Only OT has The best Configuration options For Visuals
SkinChanger *10-10* Since Gloves are fixed
LegitBot *10-10* With this new update man It looks like ur playing on a Global Elite Mode
Misc *10-10* simple and easy to Use
Config Tab *10-10* it looks so clean to me...

thats my Honest Review About Onetap.


I would really love to see glowing chams in OT. It was requested many times but still not added.