ONETAP.SU Logo contest

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We all know our current logo doesn't really fit the products we have. Hell, it is quite possible you haven't even seen our logo. To solve that, we are hosting a logo design contest.

  • 3 months subscription for the CS:GO cheat
  • A custom HTML usertitle and a custom signature, both of your choice (but use common sense, please)
Rules of the contest:
  • All submissions must be original work
  • The overall theme/colors of a submission must resemble that of the forums (reference below)
  • A submission must fit proportionally in a square-shaped frame
  • A submission must scale well both to small (say, 30x30) and huge (4000x4000) sizes. You may create multiple variants of your submissions for that purpose
  • Multiple submissions are allowed
If you are chosen as winner, we will ask you for source files (.PSD, .AI, etc) so have those ready until winners are announced.

For reference, here are colors used on forums:
HEX: #D99D56
RGB: 217, 157, 86
HEX: #1F2126
RGB: 31, 33, 38
HEX: #505768
RGB: 80, 87, 104

You should post link to .png preview uploaded to Imgur in this thread.
You have a period of 1 week to post your submissions. After that, we will pick the submissions we like the most and will create a poll so the community makes the final decision.

Expect more contests & competitive events!

Best of luck to participants,

ONETAP.SU Administration.
Not open for further replies.