Way too p


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So i have been using onetap for about 3-4 days now and i keep tapping everyone its just too fun
but some aimware users can tap me but its probably because of my config
I'm just saying if you have not bought onetap yet i recommend buying it its very good


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bruh i legit bought it yesterday and my last sub that i used was aiwmare and with my shit config it legit already better than my p aimware config lol


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Judge a cheats capabilities via one user 🤣

Just like this hack many people can't "hit p" due to configuration and lack of knowledge


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aimwares dog shit, it uses lua as a crutch and still performs horribly with a myriad of them


Are you using auto direction or manual aa and showing your head against aw? idk, i have beated lot of aw users but ensuring going backwards against them :)